Bond Over Books

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination and the journey. They are home. —Anna Quindlen

Book clubs are the libraries you build with people having mutual interests. But aren’t books taking a back seat in our lives? As children, we hear fairytales, watch Disney movies, and believe in Cinderella. As adults, though, we prioritize our textbooks and forget about those stories. However, like others, we got back in touch with our old habits during the pandemic. A much-needed break followed by a disturbing amount of destruction. But it made us go back to the things we enjoyed the most. While our friends started cooking, we started reading. Getting in touch with books was like meeting an old friend who didn’t change at all. Surprisingly, this friend did not remind us of how much we changed over the years. Things felt simpler once we got back in touch.

And so we discovered how difficult it is to find the right book. The one that makes you want to go on a reading spree. In addition, while growing up, it was not only us who lost touch with reading. Our friends and peers did too. And not everybody went back to it. So, if you do read, who is going to discuss it with you? Books are a part of our lives in various forms – kindle, paperback, and hardcover. In whichever direction we turn, there are things to read. But as stated before – reading a book can be a bit of an adjustment sometimes. Especially when we do not know what we would like to read or where to start.

And so, we bring to you – The Empowr Club. A place filled with book clubs.

What is Empowr? And why book clubs?

We offer you a platform to interact with fellow readers, discover books, and form an online reading group. But how exactly are we going to do that? Well, we encourage you to use this platform for creating reading clubs and actively participate in conversations. Taking a break from excess screen time, you can use our audio feature to talk books and so much more. A reading ecosystem where readers and authors come together bound by a shared love for literature. Often when one likes a book, they fail to locate people who have read the same. It leads to unsaid thoughts and the passion that stays within. Empowr club would allow you to hold those conversations with people who have read the same book as you and are willing to talk about it.

The ultimate goal is to create a community that recognizes what we have if we have books. And it is not just about talking to people. The art of storytelling and sharing it also enforces a sense of belonging. Book clubs can help you find the right book for you. Just like how sometimes a good book guides us home, a good reading buddy can lead us home too. All we need is the willingness to share ideas and express ourselves.

George R.R. Martin rightfully said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” How about getting to share these multiple imaginary lives with someone just as fascinated by the idea as you?

How exactly do we work?

Empowr club presents you with various genres to choose from as per your liking. To make conversations more diverse – the platform provides you with a holistic global search option. Search for a keyword related to your preferred book/genre. This search tool would provide you with people reading the same book and clubs holding discussions around it. Hence, creating a well-read community that extends beyond borders and bring readers together.

The application would tell you which book clubs/groups are active and showcase a list of live events keeping you updated about the activities. The readers can choose to host either a closed or an open room. If you host a club at Empowr, you become the driving force of it. Invite speakers, add a co-host, and set your club rules. And for the readers – not everyone is comfortable speaking but sometimes listening is delicious. So, decide when to speak and until then, enjoy knowing more about your favorite read from fellow readers.

Along with the audio feature, we have enabled a private chat option. Members can check out various profiles, follow one another, and share theories in the text as well as audio. So, if you are an author – grab your pen, write and get ready to interact with people who value words. And you, the reader – bring your book and the reading list. Customize your profile, choose unique usernames, reflect your personality through your creative bio and join/own clubs.

Thank You for making it to the end. Your next best-seller awaits you.

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