Book Review of Love Swipe Blackmail

Do you like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. but feel like you want a more modern, tech-era version with an Indian, Bollywood-story setting for the same? Love Swipe Blackmail is the perfect ‘next big thing’ that you’re looking for! This thriller book has everything— romance, suspense, heartbreak, a lot of twists, and a swirly concoction of emotions. The book is, all in all, a light read. Nitish Bhushan has done a truly excellent job blending the complications of one’s love life, and the nostalgia of college friendship.

Love Swipe Blackmail is the story of four friends—Raj, Bhanu, and the central love to ship for, Ravi and Vandana. Everything seems to be going just right at first between Ravi and Vandana, their careers, and their entangled personal lives. But things change as their personality choices start looking different. Troubled by loneliness, Ravi tries to find happiness through a dating app, looking for pretty ladies with choices compatible with his own. Instead of a partner, he finds himself being blackmailed and harassed by someone with a shrouded identity, who uses his secrets to threaten him. Raaj and Bhanu support Ravi through the ups and downs. Meanwhile, Vandana’s past haunts her, and she struggles with her choices of a love life. However, as the story progresses through numerous intertwined sub-plots, she comes to terms with the demons of her past and Ravi finds his answers as well. Hard as it might feel to decide whether it is climactic or anti-climactic, the relationship is ultimately saved. The end certainly makes the emotional turmoil and your sleepless nights worth it.

The story keeps jumping between flashbacks and the present and makes you ponder on the current, fast-paced lifestyle of online dating and obsession with visible features. You can get actual insights on the troubles of balancing your dedication between career and romance, and the risk of right-swiping. It is also a heart-warming lesson on friendship, and how this can be your valuable lifesaver through hard times. For the newbies out there, the story will give you a virtual experience of being part of a love saga first-hand.

After taking you through a myriad of emotions, expectations, disappointments, and unexpected turns that make it impossible to keep down the book, Love Swipe Blackmail does give you a happy ending to finally rejoice. Perhaps after all the twists and turns, the author could have given the reader just a bit more pages to celebrate at the end. But that’s the part that may go with post-end credits when they finally make a movie out of this! Because yes, the plot is classic Bollywood, title included.

When you first pick Love Swipe Blackmail, you might find the cover a tad cliché. But once you start the journey of the story, it is simply impossible to not be hooked. Through all the plot twists, as evident from the index page itself the ‘one-page-more’ syndrome grips you. So, if you want your next read to be something light yet exciting, thrilling yet relaxing, and romantic yet realistic—Love Swipe Blackmail is your absolute go-to. It is a classic debut by Nitish Bhushan and certainly an enjoyable pastime.

About the author

Nitish Bhushan is an IT engineer by profession and gave shape to his hobby of writing through Love Swipe Blackmail. The book was ranked #2 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases right after its release, which justifies the fact that it introduces a whole new sub-genre in the thriller, called the “techno-thriller”! It is a good start for readers looking to explore their favourite genre as well as those already in love with thrillers, suspense, and romance.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy at your nearest bookstore / Amazon / Flipkart today! And if you enjoy reading this, we already have a suggestion for your next read! Try You’re the Password to My Life by Sudeep Nagarkar, also explores friendship, ambition, and love in a uniquely insightful and engaging manner. Head to the Empowr Club blog to find out more!

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