Empowr club is a community of individuals connecting and soaking in the power of reading. We believe books are the cheapest source of knowledge available at our disposal and one should make use of it effectively. It started with one of our readers, who happens to be the founder, gifting an annotated copy of her favorite non-fiction book to one of her non-reader friends. Why? To simplify the book for him and help him quickly get through his first book. It added value to his life, and they developed a better connection. Thus, fulfilling the two main ideas of books and discussions.
Our platform aims to transcend the boundaries of reading books and moving on by creating a space open to new ideas and spilling knowledge, not just information. Something that makes you a better version of yourself, driven through conversations and community interactions but at the same time having an individual persona even if it might appear a bit at fault to the other. Hence, the name – Empowr Club.
Being an idea in someone’s mind to becoming a reality has been a rewarding journey so far. We help readers discover books through the book clubs available on our application. They can use it to discuss their reads further and find their next read. Hence, the motto: Discover – Read – Discuss.

Founder’s Note

We’ve all heard the famous saying .” Knowledge is Power”. In order to empower ourselves, we all turn to books. In this rapid age of digitization, there is a need for us to engage in meaningful discussions, have impactful conversations, and fuel our imagination. As a child, I always found books as my escape to the world of stories. Growing up, I lost touch, could barely get myself back to reading, spent hours relentlessly finding ‘’The book’’. This pointed to an underlying problem – We are all surrounded by so much content that it can sometimes be a daunting task to discover books and engage in discussions around them. I started Empowr Club, with a mission to help people bond over books and redefine the reading experience, all woven into an immersive Readers Ecosystem. We focus to eradicate the problem of discovery in the reading world, by voicing all interests. Join us as we strive to bring to our readers the world’s best social reading platform, created by readers, for readers.