The Art Of Falling Forward Book Review

About the book

Do you feel overwhelmed by your burdens and stresses? Do you feel that you are at the mercy of the whirlwind that is your life? The book ” The Art of Falling Forward” will show you how you can make the most of the cards that you have been dealt, how your situations and circumstances do not define you, and how you can find a plethora of perfections in your seemingly perfectly-imperfect life. Through a number of relatable short stories and easy-to-implement techniques, Sanjukta Khaund will help you realize and harness the strength, potential, and opportunities that reside within and around you. You will understand that, while falling is inevitable, the right mindset and attitude can assist you in Falling forward. So, strap in, and get ready for a journey that will start by changing your mind, and will end up changing your life.

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Overall, the book highlights its context and message brilliantly with short stories thereby, making it a must read for everyone such as teens, youth and the older generation. Let this be a handbook in times of distress. Let us all learn The Art Of Falling Forwards and look back with gratitude.

About the author

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Sanjukta Khaund is a Mental Health Coach and, Counselor: specializing in Personal Growth, Professional Development, Parenting, Life Transition, & Suicide Risk Assessment & Management. She believes that since we only get one life, we owe it to ourselves to make the most of it. If we allow our imperfections and struggles to hold us back, we will stay held back forever, and our life will pass us by before we realize it. This is also the core message of her first book, ‘The Art Of Falling Forward’.

Read by Monica Mujumdar Dixit

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Monica Majumdar Dixit is a lawyer by profession and an author by profession. She is an avid reader and also blogs book reviews. Her book review blog is named Chrysanthemums, Lilies and Cacti, for she believes that just like these flowers each book is beautiful in its own way and has a different fragrance


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