Shivshakti The Continous Continnum Book Review

My Shiva merged with me today
I am in a complete trance
With no words to say
Shiva and shakti are one today!!!

About the book

This book Shivshakti The Continous Continnum is based on conversation happening between Shiva and Parvati in mount Kailasa . The book has deep understanding in simple words about how the principle of Masculine and Feminine exists in every cell and atom of the universe. The author has explained in a way of dialogues between the two original creators of this universe explaining the concept of existence, breath and life. The book is in
simple language and easy to understand. There is not story line or any pattern to the way the story moves. It flows from one understanding to another giving the book a lighter feeling to a deeper learning, allowing the reader to pick up any chapter and read without worrying about losing the flow.

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The books speaks about how the same Shivshakti who are the origin of the all, are also experiencing the entire creation and constantly evolving along with it, creating new levels of expansion and growth. The evolution of the masculine and feminine is constant and at a continuous space creating new levels of perceptions and dimensions to thoughts, and existence itself. For example It’s in our cells in form of atoms and molecule and in the brain as left brain and right brain, the in breathe and out breathe etc . Similarly it exists in the entire concept called life.
Relationship dynamics between Shiva and Shakti are very deeply felt in this book. The constant flow of conversations between them show an open equal and a respected relationship dynamics allowing the parts of each other to evolve at their pace constantly, holding their space while they emerge into new understandings. The term shiv shakti is a synonym for Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. So there are chapters about Ram and Sita, Radha and Krishna also announcing them as forms of Shivshakti.
The understanding of subtle energy and wisdom is simple but profound in this books. It’s interesting to read dialogues between the Goddesses or between shiv and shakti. There are chapters of how Radha and Krishna sacrifice their love over the larger purposes. Same way Ram and Sita separated for the higher purpose. Their pain and separation is felt very strongly in this book. And so much clarity from the masculine angle as they are generally silent and inexpressive.
Overall the book is a light read with clear language, easy to understand the concept it’s based on. Hope the readers would have a wonderful experience of the glorious energies of Shiva and Shakti while reading this book. Its will be very transformative and healing for them

About the Author

Dr. Anita Rajani is a PhD in Inner Child Integration Therapy and the author of two books. She has won many honourable awards for her commendable work which is recognized worldwide

Read by Monica Mujumdar Dixit

Monika Majumdar Dixit is a lawyer by profession and an author by profession.She is an avid reader and also blogs book reviews. Her book review blog is named Chrysanthemums, Lilies and Cacti, for she believes that just like these flowers each book is beautiful in its own way and has a different fragrance.


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