Inner Voice Book Review

Do you look for love? 

Where do you look for it? 

Is the love you are looking for inside or outside you?

About the book

So I was reading this beautiful book titled “Inner Voice”.  “Inner Voice” is a collection of one-page transformational messages written by  Dr. Anita Rajani. Each page consists of a transformational message about some aspect of life along with an affirmation. While reading this book  I came across this chapter which had a valuable dose of wisdom about love. 

On page 62 of the book, the author talks about the most important form of love, which is self-love. The author urges her readers to not run around looking for love outside, but to find it inside themselves. The world is your mirror, whatever you are whatever you are attracting exists within you only. The change needs to happen within for you to attract good energies. Stop calling yourself alone or unlucky in love. Know that the universe loves you. Know that God loves you always. Once you understand that everything else will fall into place. Always bless people who find love in their lives so that the blessings come back to you manifold. Make sure you keep feelings of self-loathing and jealousy at bay. Focus only on self-love and love of God.

If you want a daily dose of such transformational messages you can get yourself a copy of “Inner Voice”. It is a “Open any page; an answer is seeking the seeker” type book. 

Book Recommendations

Here is a list of more such book recommendations of books that have short one page transformational messages that you can read daily and improve your life. 

1. The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

This book has daily dose of best stoic wisdom curated by bestselling author Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman. This book has 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living. 

2. Who will cry when you die? 

Written by bestselling author Robin Sharma, this book has 101 short chapters that offer solutions and suggestions to navigate through life. This book will encourage you to change your mindset and inculcate healthy habits and practices to improve the quality of your life. 

3. Unposted Letter 

Unposted Letter is a collection of small articles by Mahatria Ra. Each articles touches deep and profound aspects of life, work, situations and attitudes. 

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Book Review Credits : Pranav Deshpande

 Instagram: Pranav Deshpande


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