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How to Raise a Plant Baby is a beginner’s guide to happy plants. Vinayak Garg who is the founder of Lazy Gardener wrote this book . Lazy Gardener is a company and community . It has inspired thousands of Indians and people around the world to take up home gardening. Vinayak was named 2021 Entrepreneur 35 Under 35 and Sustainability Hero of 2020 by The Better India. He completed his engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

Vinayak Garg

Who should pick this book?

Like the cover of the book promises, How to Raise a Plant Baby is truly a beginner’s guide to gardening happy plants. When I first picked up the book I was unsure whether I would be able to enjoy, understand and finish this book. I hardly knew anything about gardening and plants in general before reading this book. But this book came as an absolute delight in educating me about plants and gardening.  So if you are a budding plant parent trying to raise plant babies, especially in an Urban Setting, or just someone curious like me wanting to know more about plants, this is a suitable book for you.


The book is equipped with explanatory illustrations, plant lists for different categories and constraints, chapter-end summaries, and stories from the Lazy Gardner Community. These things have made the book extremely beginner friendly.  The author has tried to cover all topics that one needs to keep in mind while raising plant babies and keeping them healthy and happy.

Content Breakdown

The book is divided into three parts. In the first part, the author narrates his story. How he and his sister’s childhood revolved around trees and nature but growing up all of that started to diminish, thanks to all the urban development and parking space needed for cars. He then tells how he rediscovered his love for plants and how we can do it too. Part one ends with detailed information about everything we need to know about welcoming new plants home.

In the second part of the book, he explains everything plant parents need to know . About the four basic needs of plants i.e light, water, soil, and nutrition. These chapters were very insightful and easy to understand. The book’s third section is devoted to plant maintenance and propagation. This part ends with gardening stories from plant parents.

The book ends with insightful answers to some FAQs and a few helpful Plant Lists.


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Book Review Credits : Pranav Deshpande

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