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THE 1st ASSASSIN is a spy-thriller written by Mainak Dhar author of over twenty books many of which have been bestsellers. This is the story of the most decorated army officer Major Aaditya Sen who was assigned to a joint task force with American representatives to investigate a plot to assassinate the U.S. President during his upcoming visit to India. Will he be able to solve the conspiracy against the POTUS? This is what forms the crux of the book. 

Author , IIM A passout,  leadership in 100 wors, the 1st assassin.
Mainak Dhar


The cover of the book sets the right expectations for the readers. The title is catchy and very relevant, you would understand it after reading the book. The overall design of the cover conveys clearly what exactly is in the book . A man on a mission, a nation under threat, lots of action, and uncovering a big conspiracy. I would really love to see this book in paperback someday.

The 1st Assassin, Story of Army officer,  Major Aaditya Sen
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This book is very fast-paced except for the first few chapters. The author takes his time to establish the characters and the foundation of the plot before gearing up. If you have read books or watched movies in this genre, you may find this story’s characters, dialogues, and subplots a bit cliche. I found the plot of the book predictable at times but , there were a fair number of moments of surprise and thrill as well. Halfway through the book, it started getting very interesting for me. The climax was also quite intense. This is the first book of the author’s Unit 22 series so we can expect more from the next part.


The writing of THE 1st ASSASSIN is brilliant. The author has managed to squeeze in a lot of content under just 200 pages. The parts about encounters and combat are very well written. The author hasn’t used too much technical jargon, making it an easy read. Even if you are not aware of different intelligence agencies or institutions related to the armed forces, it wouldn’t be much of an issue.  


This book is high on emotions and action. The psychological aspects of being a soldier and all the trauma caused because of being involved in violence are covered thoroughly in the book. If an action-loaded spy-thriller excites you, you can give this book a try. 

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