There comes the point when our creativity takes a back seat in the middle of the chaos life is. Everything takes its sweet time, whether it is the book we want to finish writing, brainstorm new ideas, or start a new project. For some days, an urge to get away begins to surface, clear the mental fog, and prompt creative and well-written lines. Thankfully, there are ways to rekindle that passion, the one you might not find in your daily life at the moment, by getting away. Available in various parts of India, one can go and dive deep into the aspect of writing and interact with others. A process of learning and unlearning with those just like you yet different. Here are some perfect locations in the form of Writer’s Retreat for soaking in the beauty of nature and losing out on the thousand deadlines that scare us.

Himalayan Writers’ Retreat

Credits: New Asian Writing

A fantastic enterprise started by author Chetan Mahajan, whose book ‘The Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail’ is a well-known phenomenon. Several events in life took him to the hills, where he resides with his family. His house became a writer’s Retreat with a breathtaking view of the Himalayas. He and his wife created programs for creative writers.

The writers talk about different elements crucial for writing a story, exchanging ideas, or helping each other formulate expressions that become difficult in city life.

When mountains and creativity collide, something extraordinary is bound to come out, and that is what makes this retreat special.

Bound Writers’ Retreat

Credits: Creative Yatra

It is one of the most attractive writer’s retreats in various modes and manners. Whether you have written the book and need opinions, or you are someone willing to explore writing but are afraid to do so, this is the place for you. The literary baby of Tara Khandelwal is a private, personalized Masterclass for Writers that shows love and support for the literary arts. They try to bring aspiring writers, bloggers, and journalists to meet, interact, learn, and get mentored by some of India’s leading stars in the literary world.

Sangam House, Bangalore

Sangam House hosts writers from across India and the world, working in languages that range from Tamil to Korean. Since 2018, they have been located at The Jamun, a spacious bungalow on a green lane in Bangalore. Sangam in Sanskrit implies ‘coming together’; this International Writers Residency intends to create a community of writers from varied social and political backgrounds worldwide. And bring them together in India with the hope of exposing them to regional and national trends in literature.

Their residency programs are designed for published writers who have not yet enjoyed substantial commercial success. It seeks to give writers a chance to build a solid and influential network of personal and professional relationships to deepen their work and expand and diversify literature. Exposure to regional and national trends in literature, multiple political and economic obstacles, and varied social and cultural milieus will enhance their work and improve notions of identity and home. The program also facilitates interaction between the visiting writers and the local communities. Thus, each participating writer can deepen their understanding of the diverse emotional and social climates in which literature is conceived and received.

The Panchgani Writers’ Retreat

Shabnam Samuel is a writer, business coach, social media trainer, and the founder of the Panchgani Writers’ Retreat, an international writing retreat based in Panchgani, India. The Retreat incorporates mindful living, creativity, and wellness following Ayurveda principles, yoga, meditation, and writing workshops. It is an annual event that writers look forward to. This is hosted in the natural scenic splendour of Panchgani and is brought to you every year by Social Lite House LLC, a Frederick, Maryland, literary and publishing company. It generally happens annually around October/ November; the Retreat is your chance to experience the calm Sahyadri wind beckoning your writer’s spirit.

Are you as tempted to go to these retreats as we are? They instil communication and can be a great place to find like-minded individuals. And, what is writing if not a way to start a conversation?

Empowr club aims to start discussions and provide a platform for authors to interact with their readers and build their community.

Download the application here, and take a look at us:




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