When books start piling up in one corner of your room, it becomes necessary to sort them out. But how can you do it? How can you make that one corner or various corners in your room look attractive? By organizing your books, duh! Here are some hacks that can come of use to you. Keep reading, will you?

Separate your hardcovers and your paperbacks.

If you own hardcovers, you must be knowing how important it is to take care of them. Their book jackets protect them from dust and give the hardbound a pretty cover. Dividing your hardcovers and paperbacks will provide you with a visually appealing space. It will also help you organize your bookshelf like that of a library.

How about sorting your books based on the color of their cover?

Just like how Dorian Gray (From The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde) was obsessed with the cover of a particular book so much, he bought all copies of it – Do you also make choices based on which colour attracts you more? Then this hack is for you.

Go back to the basics and sort your books based on genres.

Do you like to read mysteries, but romance also interests you? And, what about non-fiction books? Stack your books based on genres and choose whichever suits your mood on a particular day. You will always know exactly where to look.

Let’s not forget the old trope of the height-wise display.

For all you minimalists out there: for an uncluttered, clean, and appealing display, try organizing your books height-wise. It will remind you of that old library you used to visit and make your space less staggered.

Authors – Contemporary and Classics

Are you someone who indulges in reading books that have a series to themselves? Do you have all the Harry Potter books stacked together, or your corner is piles of Jane Austen’s classics? Organizing your books author-wise will not only make you seem literary, but it also leaves an impression that you know your authors as much as you know your novels.

Always keep your unread reads close and your favorite ones closer.

We all have a habit of buying books just because we want them. But there are always those few chosen ones that hold a space in our hearts. Keep them close to you, so you would not panic every time it gets missed among other books. But in organizing your surroundings like that, do not forget to pay attention to the unread books. Who knows, maybe you will find your next favourite in that pile.

Decluttering your surroundings is equal to decluttering your mind. So, with fresh stacks of books coming in and old piles of books lying around, let’s organize our surroundings and maintain our novels as they deserve.

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If you want to know what organizing can do to your surroundings, please take a look here:

To learn more about the art of organizing, we recommend you this book:

Read it and let us know what you like about it, will you?


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