We all have that one activity that becomes our escape in times of need. You might go running when frustrated or binge-watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the hundredth time. I, for one, read. Books have always been my escape. I do not find solace like that in anything else. But was it easy to lose myself in books? No! I fostered this habit over time, and I am so glad I did.

I know this is a widely spoken fact, but reading does transform your lifestyle. Books can teach you anything. Irrespective of your doubts, you will find one to answer your questions. Trust me when I say this, there is a book available for every topic. And, what’s the best part? It is just a click away.

But exactly how does reading improve your life?

Reading helps you think and communicate better. Umm, but what is the relationship between reading and speaking?
One of the best ways to gather knowledge is by being curious enough. Every time you question something, you should look for an answer. It helps you understand things better and provides substance to your thoughts. And, if you have constructive ideas, you will always have something relevant to say.

All it takes is that one step. Once you see how impactful your informed opinions can be, you will gather confidence. Enough to get to know more things and articulate better.

However, one should always be humbled when someone else provides you with knowledge. From one reader to another, sharing ideas and trading perspectives fosters growth. What do I mean by this? Reading makes you empathetic and determined. When you read intellectual works, you learn to appreciate brilliance. Non-fiction teaches you ways to improve yourself or motivates you to prioritize the right things. Fiction teaches you the importance of your emotional quotient. But the common factor that binds the two is stories. Books/journals/newspaper features are narratives written for people by people.

While reading fiction, we fixate on some metaphors on a personal level. It is because we relate to that fictitious story on some level. And, that is how we find answers to some of the problems in life. When you are an avid reader and consume stories, you develop empathy. It is a gradual change, but it happens.

Similarly, reading self-help/motivational narratives and improving yourself makes you determined. The best way to get the most out of a book is by the theory of application. If you do not apply your learnings, you will soon forget it. It can make you stand out in a room and life.

Everything comes together if you know the right choice of words. And, reading is the best medium to improve your vocabulary. Constant reading makes you richer with words and thoughts.
There is an easy exercise. To improve your vocabulary, pick that word you did not understand, find out the meaning and repeat it in a conversation for a while. It is a simple process, really.

You can also focus on reading material that represents various sectors. It helps you understand the jargon and essentially communicate in a way that makes a difference.

With so much work, your brain also functions efficiently. That is why people say that reading helps you cope with stress. Do not get me wrong. The right approach to any illness is visiting a specialist. However, when your mind feels heavy for no particular reason, reading can help you escape. I developed a fondness for it due to cabin fever during the lockdown. And it has been a friend since. Reading made my days pass calmly, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

When the days with minimum physical activity attacks you, reading can be the exercise for your brain.

It can also be an exercise for your writing activities. If you read a lot, you will know how to write. Constant reading provides you with an edge. It helps you develop critical thinking, and you ask the right questions. And if you are serious about writing, then reading books is one place to generate new ideas.

We at Empowr value reading. And, it isn’t limited to books. Reading of any kind is equivalent to consuming knowledge, a healthy approach to learning and unlearning of things. If you haven’t already, discover a book that suits your interests, read it, and enjoy the intelligent discussions. And, if you already have a book, you cannot stop thinking about, then come on board and start a conversation.

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