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Shoe Dog is a memoir by the creator of Nike, Phil Knight. Fresh out of business school Phil borrowed money from his father and started a company Blue Ribbon (later changed to Nike) which imported high-quality low-cost running shoes from Japan. He started this business at his parent’s house grossing $8,000 in that first year,1963. Last year (2021) it was around 20 Billion. 

Phil Knight is a brilliant storyteller, starting from the year 1962, Phil shares a series of events that happened each year in the book. The book keeps gaining momentum as you flip through the pages. I personally liked the part where Phil describes his travel adventures, being a keen observer and maintaining a journal while traveling has rewarded him immensely. After backpacking around the world at 24, he chose to follow his calling, to sell high-quality and cheap shoes while adding innovations to their designs.

I have always been a great admirer of Nike and its athletes but little did I know about its history, the story of the swoosh, the story of naming it Nike, all the innovation, legal battles, betrayals, sacrifices and so much more that Phil and his team had to go through for making this happen. When Phil started, Adidas was a major player in the game, in fact, the most dominant one, today Nike is more dominant in the market, you can check the numbers. 

Book By Phil Knight

About the Author Phil Knight

Phil’s journey was full of ups and downs. He took lots of risks and faced a lot of setbacks, but for him, the most important thing in life was winning, and that is what exactly he did. After all, Nike is the Greek Goddess of Victory. Towards the end of the book, you will see how the meaning of winning in life for him changed over time. 

In the words of Bill Gates, this book is indeed a reminder of what the path to business success looks like. People in their entrepreneurial journey will find wisdom and inspiration from this book. If you are fond of reading memoirs and biographies you just can’t afford to miss this one, it will keep you hooked right till the end. For more book reviews visit

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Book Review Credits : Pranav Deshpande

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