Book Clubs: How To Break Free From Your “Intellectual” Isolation?

With social distancing and less access to physical spaces, there is hardly any chance to meet
people. It leads to a sense of isolation, sometimes making us feel frustrated because there are so
many ideas in our heads.
If you are a reader and cannot find the space to showcase your views, then join a book club.
They are like reading groups, only better because you meet new people and enter filled with new
ideas and reading lists.
Here are a few benefits of joining a Book Club are:

Find reading buddies

Book Clubs are a people’s place. Anybody who loves to read and appreciates a good conversation can find their space here. Hence, they are great places to find people with mutual reading lists.

Discover new literature

It is not required to bond with people who have similar interests as you. Sometimes when we hang out with those who do not read what we do, it extends our perspective and opens our minds to new authors and writings. And what is reading, if not a mental exercise, to expand our horizons?

Personalized book recommendations

The best part about joining book clubs is its takeaways. Not only do you meet your new reading buddies, but you also develop a new reading list. And the best part? Your new reading list comes from the books you have read and loved in the past. You bond with the people who have read the same book as you, and from there, you can find your next read. That too with honest reviews.

Learn self-expression

As you move ahead in a book club and start indulging in conversations, you will experience a boost in your confidence. You can put forth your points and be a part of discussions. Perspectives are dynamic. They change or grow further based on honest conversations. It is what book clubs instil.

Keeps your reading spree alive

Book clubs bring consistency to your reading routine. It is a good source of motivation to read and discover new books because it gives you a space to discuss ideas. And with like-minded people, all things become fun and easy. So, at any point, you feel you are not reading enough, join a book club, and you will be fine.

Along with reading, it improves your writing

If you are a writer, then joining a book club becomes crucial. Listening to people who read talk about their likes and dislikes can help you write better. You can work on your characters, themes, and narration based on how people dissect it. And because these people are voracious readers, they can help you develop a story if you face a roadblock. 

A sense of calm amidst the chaos

After a busy day at work, school, or college, we all want some calm activity to fall back on. Joining a book club, and becoming a part of a community that drives on stories, can provide you with space enough to break free from the monotony of life. That is how community reading functions: by helping someone read through you and by reading through someone else.

Some of the book clubs that we think would help you achieve these benefits are:

The Non-Fiction Book Club Foster your interest in the Non-fiction genre or delve deeper into it.

The Eclectic Book ClubA woman only book club

Swap Book – Talk books as well as food.

Pick a book Nagpur – From Jane Austen to Chetan Bhagat – find a space for both classics and contemporary reads.

Nagpur Book Club – Hone your public – speaking skills, presentation skills, as well as reading skills here.

All in all, the act of reading through someone else is the idea of Book Clubs in a nutshell.

Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift.’

Kate DiCamillo

A lot of celebrity-led book clubs are gaining attention. However, there are some which are underrated but worth it. All you require is a space where you find each in order. 

Empowr Club is also trying to foster a community of bookaholics, and for that, you can find a variety of book clubs here. The registration and everything else is free; all you have to bring to the table is your present read. 

And what happens if you do not find the right book club for yourself? You create one. We have a space for that also. See you on the other side, readers! 

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