5 Twitter Accounts Every Reader Should Follow

Twitter is a brilliant space when it comes to connecting with people. The community you build here is supportive, and they are the best online folks. You must be wondering what good is 280 characters for a reader/writer? Twitter can be a great space to write witty and concise content. Or, talk about your favourite reads by capturing their essence in a few lines.

Here are a few of our favourite literary feeds from the Twitter space:

Paulo Coelho @paulocoelho

Have you read The Alchemist? He is literary your go-to space on Twitter for warm, heart-melting tweets about his work and life in general. And what is the best about following an author? They occasionally post facts and trivia about their works. It’s always good to know more, right?

Bethanne Patrick @TheBookMaven

Writer, Author, and book critic – Bethanne Patrick is one of a kind with witty remarks on books, engaging community questions, and amazing book recommendations. Follow her, and add value to your bookshelf and Twitter feed.

Bookforum Magazine @bookforum

We all need a trusted source for book reviews, don’t we? Here, you can find underrated and less-read books with honest feedback about the work. It saves you time and provides you with knowledge about every book you wouldn’t read otherwise.

Goodreads @goodreads

Book reviews, quotes, book clubs, and so much more. If you are not following Goodreads on Twitter, how are you getting all your information?

The Millions @The_Millions

Along with the book reviews, you find here about the literary culture. Their lineup of skilled writers and readers would leave you with rich insights and a determination to move forward.

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Building a reading community can give you a sense of push to read more. And that is why Twitter stands out as one of the best places to establish yourself or connect with others.

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