Sometimes we find solace in music and other times in books. However, reading can be an isolating experience if you do not have a tribe for yourself. And not that it’s not fun. But, after a point, the reader develops ideas and theories that need to be heard by other people. If you have ever felt that your friends do not read enough, or there are some insights about a particular book that you want to share but cannot, then this blog space is for you. Social reading is for you.


It is a way to communicate your insights, new perspectives, criticism, and so much more about art with a community. People might want to share what they have read with others. Sometimes it can be to receive feedback about their thoughts and ideas, and other times, merely holding up a conversation. This aspect is known as Social reading.

But you might wonder how this can be helpful in the long run; to answer that, we will enlist some benefits.

Having a community around you that reads will inspire you to keep up with the habit. Many times, reading books, listening to audiobooks, etcetera takes a back seat. We get so caught up in everyday responsibilities that leisure reading seems like a waste. Primarily that happens because people in our immediate surroundings do not engage with it. As part of a community, books become your priority and helps in achieving consistency. It is both inspiring and engaging.

How does that happen, you may ask?
Communities built for Social reading helps you set goals. There are various reading challenges for you to participate. And the best part? You find your next read too. Personalized book recommendations are an integral part of these community meet-ups. When you hold a conversation with someone, they understand your likes and dislikes. For example, if two strangers talk about their mutual interest in cinema, they will recommend movies to the each other. Similarly, when you engage in Social reading, you find people with mutual interests. Speaking to them then benefits you in opening up to new perspectives and suggests what you can read next to heighten the reading experience.

Technology is the way of life today. To initiate a conversation, you do not have to leave your place. Reading communities are everywhere. You can find your tribe online, and if interested – visit them in person too. All it takes is a little effort from your end and the willingness to engage and learn with others. Empowr Club aims to make this a reality for you. We promote the idea of Social reading by forming book clubs and engaging in discussions. Be it an author, reader, or thinker: everybody needs a platform to experience catharsis after reading a good book. Our motto is to start a conversation through the means of art.

Here are some podcasts to get you excited about reading:

  • Audiobooks: Listen to books instead of reading them. This podcast has a variety of books and short stories for you to enjoy. What is better than listening to the story and having a little chat about it?
  • THE PENGUIN PODCAST: It welcomes authors with the objects and stories that inspired them to write. You can learn the art of storytelling through this podcast. And, can also find trivia about your favorite book/author.

  • Read learn live: This podcast is an upgraded version of a book club discussion.
    The authors talk about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of their books. It is a great place to find
    your next read and learn the benefits of the same through literary examples.

Try these podcasts and think about what you read here. Reading is essential to our being. Not only does it shape our thoughts, but it also holds the power to teach us new things every day. And doing this with other passionate people by your side just makes it a whole lot better. Isn’t it? So why delay? Sign up for Empowr Club get started today. It is both free and fabulous.



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