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Basic summary of the book?

You’re the Password to My Life is a heartwarming tale of friendship and dreams. Virat and Kavya, two best friends who are complete opposites, cross paths and bring us a beautiful story. Virat is shy and reserved, while Kavya lie life one day at a time. But unforeseen circumstances turn their lives upside down, and challenges arise. How would these two deal with them? Can even the strongest friendships stand the test of time?

What did we think about the book?

‘We all have that one person in our lives in whose absence our existence seems utterly meaningless!’

Nagarkar, You’re the Password to My Life

The first line of this book conveys the essence of it beautifully. Based in Pune, the story revolves around Virat and Kavya – the two best friends. They met in college and developed a bond that stood above and beyond any artificial existence. Reading about them would remind you of that one friend with whom you can be your crazy self.

The prologue itself paints a picture of the essential role that friendships play. It also makes you realize how fragile human lives are. As the famous saying goes – you never know when would be the last time you will see someone. As a reader, one can sense the tragedy. It will intrigue you and not allow you to skip a page. You can also expect the writing style to be conversational and easy to follow. Once you delve deeper into the story, it would remind you of your college days or help you picture the future ones. A nostalgic trip strong enough to make you want to call your friends.

Kavya and Virat are two best friends. Mahek comes into their lives and drives the story by being the love interest of Virat. And no, this is not your typical story of two best friends realizing their love for each other when a third person comes along. The narrative showcases how a strong bond can get past those insecurities. Another love story flourishes between Rohan and Riddhima. Their story will re-establish your faith in true love and deliver a wonderful set of friends who are there for each other.

But as life happens, some challenges arise. The course of these relationships takes a tragic turn due to an accident. The story paints a beautiful picture by portraying how friends are your second family. They are there for you through thick and thin. It also touches upon more sensitive topics like HIV and disabilities. Reading this tale would make you ask the right questions and re-evaluate. It will elaborate on the hardships of people when struggling with a disease. And teach you the bitter truth about sacrifice.

A tale about dreams, love, and sacrifice. All bound by one emotion – friendship. The title – You’re the Password to My Life is justified throughout the narrative. Just like when trying to get to know someone, you pick up on their surroundings; here, in getting to know Virat, you will find out about Kavya. They unlock the crazy in each other, and happiness flows. Read this novel and transport yourself into a world where Kavya and Virat are still having fun.

Sudeep Nagarkar

Familiarize yourself with the author, maybe?

Sudeep Nagarkar is an Indian novelist famous for his fictional stories. His first novel – Few things left unsaid, was published in 2011. The recipient of the 2013 Youth Achievers’ Award, he is one of the highest-selling authors of India in the Romance genre. The Mumbai-based author is a former engineer who made a brave choice of pursuing his love for writing. However, his talent is not limited to writing books. The author has also penned scripts for Marathi shows and developed stories for Indian television channels. His stories are relatable because his inspiration is real-life incidents. And you wondered why the titles of his books are so catchy? It is because those are inspired by day-to-day conversations.

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